Thursday, September 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 210 has 7 Inch Display

Samsung Mobiles is the company that has always been the top choice for Indian buyers. The company manufactures some great devices that the people can buy at half the rate. The company has also some low budget phones like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 210. The good news is that the phone is already out for sale. The phone has been spotted on an online mobile blogging website. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 210 Price is 12,499. As per the news the mobile has been officially made available few days ago. This is great news as there have been many announcement that price of electronic goods have gone up.
Samsung Galaxy tab 3 210
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 210 Features show that the handset has a 7inch screen. The screen size is large and many people would be looking for this type of screen. This is a TFT screen which is the type of screen that is found in most handsets. The screen quality is also determined by the number of pixels present on the screen called the screen resolution. The pixel count for this handset is 1024 x 600 pixels. Hence a large large display with lot of pixels is suitable for viewing pictures. For clicking pictures the company has attached a 3MP main camera in this phone. The camera mobiles can not only take pictures but you can also record videos with this camera. The camera has some additional features associated with it like the Shot Mode and Framed Photos.
Samsung Galaxy tab 3 210
Thus your photos would not only be clear but some effects could also be attached to the photo. But there is also a front camera in this phone that can be used for clicking a self shot. If you want to do video calling then this phone is also great. But the phone must have a great processor to make sure it runs at high speed. In this phone there is 1.2 GHz Dual Core CPU which provides the right speed to the processor. But the processor alone is not good as the phone should have the right operating system. In this phone there is Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system that is made specially for this handset. This handset brings along various features like the Google maps which is a full view of the city with this phone. But Google Maps depends on the GPS system that this phone has. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 210 pictures show that the handset has a white body and the built is large. With a view to large screen Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has bigger display than Apple iPhone 4S.

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