Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mercedes-Benz E-Class-Comes With A 9 Speed Transmission

A couple of days ago, the American maker, Mercedes Benz cars, has stated that it has being working on to introduce more variants of Mercedez Benz E class, especially, the V6 Engines, And now the news is out that the company has been working on nine speed transmission for E350CDI and its called the 9G-TRONIC. The company has also stated that E 350 BlueTEC which features 9G TRONIC as standard is available to order with immediate effect. Despite its extended scope of functions, The pricing for both Saloon and estate models remains unchanged. Mercedez Benz E Class Price is quoted Rs. 41.50 lakh to 1.29 crore(Ex-showroom, New Delhi).
Mercedes Benz E Class
E 350 Blue TEC is available as Saloon and Estate models and is fitted with the new 9G TRONIC as standard, Mercedez Benz E class features include 185 kw(252 hp) V6 diesel engine. The higher number of gears as well as broader gear ratio spread in terms of converting engine power into traction. On the other hand, the overall reduction in engine speed improves the comfort of NVH and therefore the pleasant of well being on board the E class, on the other hand it does cut down the external noise by 4 dB(A), thus it reduces the strain on environment.
Mercedes Benz E Class
The recuced fuel-consumption of E 350 BlueTEC with 9G-TRONIC has primarily been achieved as a result of high level of efficiency of the transmission. And its broad ratio spread is 9.15 for gears one to nine enables a clear perceptible reduction in the engine's speed and it has decisive factor behind the high level of energy efficiency as well as the ride comfort. It has shortened shift as well as its reaction time in order to ensure optimum spontaneity combined with outstanding ease of shifting. In manual mode as well as S programme in particular, the 9 G TRONIC does responds significantly more spontaneously and it enhances the driving pleasure.
The particular ease in regard to shifting the new 9 G TRONIC is a focal point during the development and a hall mark feature of a Mercedez -Benz Automatic transmission comes with courtesy of a comprehensive package of the measures. Which also include the novel direct control system which enables short and barely perceptible gear changes. Its a combination of double torsional damper as well as centrifugal pendulum technology in torque converter ensures outstanding drive comfort. Together with extended gear ratio spread, higher speed can now be driven at lower engine speeds for having greater comfort. In reality, it translates, for example into being able to drive at 120 km/h in 9t gear with engine speed of around 1350 rpm. The buyers who are interested to view the pictures of Mercedes Benz E Class pictures can visit the photo gallery of the company and Mercedes Benz B Class Finally Launched At 22.60 Lakh in India by mercedes.

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