Friday, September 20, 2013

HTC One max A Good Featured Handset

HTC Mobiles is the company that many people have started to like. A new HTC One max phone from the company has entered the market called the HTC One max. The phone would be released in the market very soon as per the information available. Images of the phone have been leaked which show that the phone has a finger print sensor at the back side of the phone. The phone measures about 113.5 x 63.1 x 13.9 mm through which it can be estimated that the phone is large in size. The screen of the phone is also large in size which is about 5.9inches. These days most people are looking for a big screen phone like HTC. Even though the phone is large in size the weight of the handset is not very large. The type of screen used for the handset is TFT type.
 HTC One Max
There additions to the screen like the TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation and Handwriting recognition. These features have also been spotted in other phones from leading companies. There are many people that would like to buy this handset as the phone has large number of features. HTC One max features also show that the phone has 8GB internal memory where all the data could be stored. There is also a 2GB RAM in the phone which give the applications the right speed. Another type of memory is present in the phone called ROM. The HTC One max price for these features is Rs 37,795. 
Hence the phone is the right choice for surfing the internet. There are several ways in which you could connect to the internet. It can be done through GPRS, EDGE, wi-fi. The phone also allows you to share information between two handsets with the help of Bluetooth. If you want to share files with the computer then in this phone there is USB connection that allows you to do that. Hence any picture you click with the phone can be shared. To click those pictures in this phone there is a ultra pixel main camera in this phone. There is also a secondary camera in this phone which is of 2.1MP. The company has made some changes to the operating system. The Android Key Lime Pie phone has been added to the phone. HTC One max pictures also show the new operating system in the phone. Many people would like to get thier hands on this new operating system. We have also published a blog on the topic "Motorola Razr HD Another Mobile in Motorola Series"

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