Monday, September 2, 2013

BlackBerry Z30 will come with BB10 OS

BlackBerry Mobiles is known to the world for the black background their operating system has. The new phone BlackBerry Z30 with the BB OS 10 will be out soon. The news report says that the phone has been spotted earlier and the new leaks regarding the handsets have come out. The phone is expected to come into the market very soon but the dates haven't been released by the company. BlackBerry Z30 Price is not yet available. No official claims regarding the handsets have been made as a result the price hasn't been estimated online. But if the rumours regarding the handset are real then this phone would be liked by a lot of people.

BlackBerry Z30
BlackBerry Z30 Features show that the handset has a 5inch display. In the past Blackberry operating system used to have a small screen and a QWERTY keypad. But with this new phone the QWERTY keypad has been removed and the phone has a full touch screen. The type of screen used for the handset is the OLED display type of screen. The total resolution that the screen can produce is 1280x720 pixels. But the interiors of the handset also matter for the functioning of the handset. In this phone there is 1.7  Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 mobile processor that is necessary for running the phone at high speed. There is also a graphics chip with quad core present in this handset. The graphics card is necessary in the phone as people want to use the phone as a gaming tool.
BlackBerry Z30
Simple games like Angry Birds don't need graphics card but large games like Need for Speed can't run without this graphics card. These games may also need HD support that this phone has. The total count for the video playback is 1080 pixels. Another aspect that helps the games run very fast is the Random Access Memory of the handset. In this phone there is 2GB RAM which would give speed to the applications running on the handset. The phone also some internal storage area where users would be able to keep all the data including music, videos and pictures. Onboard storage size of the handset is about 16GB which would be sufficient for any user. If you want more to store more data inside the handset then the microSD card can be used. This would expand the phone memory till 64GB. BlackBerry Z30 pictures show that there are three buttons at the bottom of the screen and Blackberry Q10 a new touch screen mobile from blackberry to be launched in india soon.

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