Friday, August 23, 2013

Spice Smart Flo Space Comes With Dual Camera

Spice mobiles is known to most people through the rigorous ad campaigns and TV commercials. There are several companies that enter the mobile market in the low cost markets then go extinct. But Spice has been there for a long time. A new handset from the company has reached the market. The name of the handset is Spice Smart Flo Space. The phone can be found on a online mobile marketing website. Spice Smart Flo Space price is Rs 3,799 which is low enough. There is a trend of low cost mobile phones and this company seems to be taking advantage. Many brand names are moving towards EMI and are implementing that policy. Till that these smart phone manufacturers can take the big share.
Spice Smart Flo Space
Spice Smart Flo Space features show that the phone runs on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This is one of the best operating system available in the market. The best part of the phone is that is dual SIM and the operating system is right for handling the two SIMs. If the SIM has support for 3G then the phone has support for that. There is also a front camera in the phone so that 3G calls could be made. This is a 1.3MP front camera that assists in 3G calls. Other than making video calls the camera can also be used for capturing self shots. Other than the front camera there is also a main camera in this phone. The main camera is of 3MP that could be used for audio and video recording. The phone makers have made sure that you could also listen to music other than taking pictures.
There is a FM player present in the phone that provides music over the air. You can also listen to music over the music player and watch video. But if you are not a very musical person then you can play games in the phone. All the sounds can be heard on the loudspeaker of the phone. But users want to share files with other people when they like some music. This phone has the bluetooth connection which allows you to do that. You can also shares photos with friends on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. To connect to the internet wi-fi , GPRS and EDGE could be used. Spice Smart Flo Space pictures show that body has black colour and there are three buttons at the bottom of the screen and Spice Mobile has also added spice slatepad tablet in there tablet segment with a support of 3G and voice calling support.

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