Friday, August 16, 2013

Sony Xperia Z Ultra A Good Featured Mobile from Sony

The news regarding a new phone has been given out by Sony Mobiles. The name of the phone is Sony Xperia Z Ultra that was showcased last month. The phone has reached the online stores in India. The phone can be purchased through cash on delivery. It is a great service and people can get this phone right at their door steps. The phone looks amazing and is expected to perform equally well. The phones launched in the past by Sony have performed very well. If the companies continues to deliver great phones then this phone would also be a huge success.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Pictures
Sony Xperia Z Ultra price is around Rs. 46,990. Sony Xperia Z Ultra features show that the phone has the largest Full HD display. The screen size is 6.4 inches which is massive in comparison to other phones. The TRILUMINOS technology has been utilized along with X-Reality. The type of screen the user gets is on-the-go view type. This phone not only has a large screen but also has the slimmest body. This phone comes with 6.5mm body that can't be found for any other type of phone. The display glass installed for the phone has a reflective surface. The phone has a weight of 212 grams that also puts the phone under light weight. Such a phone is easy to carry around and fits in clothes you wear.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Pictures
This phone has got high amount of durability and the phone is waterproof. No other company has been able to make a phone that is waterproof. The issue of your mobile phone getting damaged in rainfall and on the dining table is no more an issue. The glass of the screen has been toughened with tempered glass coating. A wireless handset companion can be found with the phone. This Bluetooth headset can be used for attending calls or use it like a headset. Even a SmartWatch companion can be found to the phone that keeps the user informed about any incoming calls. A dock station is available with this phone that lets you charge the phone without opening USB cover. Sony Xperia Z Ultra pictures show three accessories being used with the phone and Sony Xperia J is also the Impressive Models in the Xperia series the phone spec's is also very good as we compare it with other's company mobiles.

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