Monday, August 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note II A Good Featured Android Mobile

Samsung Mobiles is the brand that everyone is familiar of. The phones and the technology applied to them have helped them to lead the mobile phone industry. It is the dominating company in the eastern region. The phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is another handset that has been liked by a lot of people. The company is now giving an upgrade called Android 4.3. Instead of giving the Android 4.2.2 update the company has jumped onto this update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pictures
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Price can be found on the internet to be Rs 32499. This is not a very high price but still many people would not like to purchase it. But the features and innovations attached to Samsung is justified for the price paid. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features right from the company's official website show that the phone has a pen attached to it. This pen has been attached to save the time and energy of the user. The hassle of opening pictures from a folder is gone with Air View. Combining it with S Pen any picture can be browsed without opening the folder menu. Further sending emails, calling and texting has been simplified. Just scribble the command on the screen then the corresponding action is performed. If you are busy in a call and want to write down the address then don't look for a paper. The Pop Up Note gets activated even if you pull it put during a call. Then just note down a address, phone number or anything important on the screen. While using the phone if you find some picture or text really interesting then that portion could be shared with friends through the pen. If you have an idea then visualize them with professional pre-installed tools everyday.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pictures
Even clicking photographs is very easy as the user could chose the best pose for individuals. The phone also allows you to add notes to a clicked picture. Or if you got a nice picture then that can be turned into an handmade art with sketching. A pen written note can also be sent via email. Or the user could attach some notes to the calender in the phone. A little addition to the S Pen is colour picker and Auto Outline. These tools make a picture into sketched drawings. Hence the creativity of the user is not limited. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pictures show the various ways in which S Pen can be used. Samsung has also launched galaxy S4 zoom the successor of Samsung Galaxy S4 in indian market.

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