Monday, August 12, 2013

Premium Hatchback Yet To Be Launched

The smallest as well as most affordable car produced by German manufacturing company will be positioned, to provide stiff competition to Mercedes Benz A Class. Code name F20, current generation model is also on sale in the international market Since 2011. The vehicle is 4.2 metres long, its length is similar to the A class,except with regards to cabin quality. International, manufacturer sells this variant with 1.6 petrol and 2.0 diesel engine option. Due to cost, Indian variant might be sharing the engines with X1. Hence 2.0 litre, 181bhp diesel and 150bhp, 2.0 litre petrol. BMW 1 series price would be in the range of 20 lakh to 25 lakh.
BMW 1 Series Pictures
BMW 1 series features include that it is offered with two engine options, which it boasts of various states of tune. Its 1.6 petrol version is available in two options 136bhp as well as 170bhp while the 2.0 diesel has a capacity to produce 116 bhp, 143 bhp and also 184bhp depending on the variant. The manufacturer is most likely to bring its 136bhp petrol and 143bhp diesel. This variant would be produced in the Chennai plant, it is powered by the same 3.0 litre six-cylinder engines of previous model 3 series. Both the engines do have on demand engine cool-plant pumps so that it can improve its fuel-efficiency as well as increases power.
The vehicle is a premium hatchback and it boasts about its DNA. Those enthusiasts who aspire to own pure driver machine, this one fits their bill perfectly. It is small yet powerful, well-knitted as well as agile. It has been touted in order to handle it as if its on rails. The icing on the cake is the fact that the it consist rear wheel drive. Based on new 3 series platform, the car might be smallest but it is relatively big car. It offers well-appointed interiors as wella s exteriors to follow in the family style.
BMW 1 Series Pictures
BMW X1 launched in Indonesia already. The variant is also going to be duel, as these variants are not only the premium marques but they also usher new price point which does make them even more accessible for the wider audience. The buyers who are interested to have a look at the BMW 1 series pictures do browse the photo gallery of the BMW cars. A few potential buyers even would like to download the pictures of their favourite car by clicking on the download button. The fans would like to save these pictures so that they can use them as computer wall papers. A few even go ahead and print the pictures and gives it as gifts to their friends. 

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