Friday, August 23, 2013

Nokia 106 will have small display

Nokia Mobiles is the handset that has always been working towards providing better handsets to the users. Another handset is now official is Nokia 106 which would be known for the price tag imposed on it. The phone has also been spotted on a mobile shopping website. The phone is very compact and was out with another similar looking handset from Nokia. The phone has been especially designed keeping in mind the need and desires of the low cost buyers. Since the value of currency is falling the user would prefer to buy this handset.
Nokia 106 Pictures
Nokia 106 Price has been estimated to be Rs 1498. Nokia 106 features show that the phone has support for 2G network. This is a basic phone and too many features are not present in the handset. Even the size of the handset is not too big which is about 112.9 x 47.5 x 14.9 mm. Due to the small size the weight of the handset is also low which is about 74.2 grams. But the company has made sure that even though this is small handset there is a LED flash present in the handset. No touch screen is present but a regular TFT screen has been attached to the phone. This screen measures about 1.8 inches which Is similar to traditional phones in the market. Total pixels that this screen could produce is 128 x 160 pixels. But there are some other features that make this device acceptable as starter.
Nokia 106 Pictures
The phone has support for vibration and polyphonic ringtone. But this is mini phone is not limited here. There is a loudspeaker which can be used during calls so that other people could listen to your conversation. But if you want to have a private conversation then use the 3.5mm audio jack. The phone doesn't have a memory card but has the capacity to have 500 contact storage area. This is a unique handset as you could record the conversation over a call. Somehow the company has been able to give a RAM so that features like call recording would work smoothly. The RAM size is 384KB sufficient for a startup. Just like a smart phone there is a USB charger available in this handset. This would easily charge the 800 mAh battery of this handset. This battery will let you listen to music over FM for long hours. Nokia 106 pictures show that there is a number keypad below the screen and Nokia has also launched Nokia 301 a budget friendly phone.

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