Saturday, August 24, 2013

Micromax Canvas A76 Available Online

Micromax mobiles is the company that has been working towards making low cost handsets with as many features as possible. One such device is  Micromax Canvas A76 which is also full of latest features. The phone has been launched in India and can be seen on an online mobile marketing website. Micromax Canvas A76 Price is Rs 8,499 that can be afforded by everyone. Since the company is from India the price of the handset doesn't go up. These handsets have many features of a high end smart phone which has become an important need for every consumer.
Micromax Canvas A76
Micromax Canvas A76 specs show that the handset runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. This one of the best operating system that brings numerous features along with it. This operating system is also suitable for handling two SIMs at the same time. Since this phone allows you to insert two SIMs it the right choice for any user. But the operating system must have some storage area where files can be stored. There is 1GB memory inside the phone that can be used for storing any type of data in the phone. Users can store files like pictures,games, movies and music. But these data files need a RAM when they get uploaded to the handset. In this phone 512 MB RAM is present which is used for this purpose. There is another type of memory called the ROM which is present in the handset.
Micromax Canvas A76
The size of the ROM for this handset is about 4GB. The Read Only Memory is used by the operating system when it is loaded onto the handset. But if you run out of storage memory inside the phone then you can switch onto to the microSD slot. Any microSD card can till 32GB can be added to the phone. Hence the memory inside the phone can be increased. Even though there are several features in the phone the weight of the handset is not too high. The phone weighs about 109 grams. But the weight of the phone is of less significance. The camera of the phone is important as most people want to use their handsets for social events. There is a 5MP camera in this handset which could be used for clicking pictures and recording videos. The total resolution produced by the camera picture is about  1280 x 960 Pixels. Micromax Canvas A76 pictures show that the handset has the main camera at the back side with the LED flash and Micromax has also launched the plus version or we can say successor of Micromax canvas 2 and this phone is also very strong as we compare it with older version.

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