Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lava iris 504q has good display features

Lava Mobiles is the company that looks promising in the low cost phone market. The company is from India but it has to perform well. There are many phones that area utilizing future technology integrated into one phone. Even though those phones cost a lot they are purchased by people. The name of this phone is Lava Iris 504q that might be liked by Indian buyers. Since this country has large number of people Lava also wants to tap the market for some profit.
Lava Iris 504Q Pictures
Lava Iris 504q Price as per some online mobile selling websites is Rs. 13499.00. The price imposed isn't too big and a big online retailer is selling it. This website works on cash on delivery that is liked by the people. Lava Iris 504q Features for the phone are clearly mentioned on the company website. As per the information available this phone has gathered high quality specs without a heavy price on the phone. The newest hand gesture technology has been used very well which can be used by moving the hand over the phone. Just move your hand around the phone then change music, videos, FM channels and photos. Thus multi-tasking is possible with this phone. The mobile phone has a 5 inch display screen that is visible from various angles. Plus this screen offer better screen reproduction hence the clarity is also improved. The OGS technology has also been deployed and the thickness has been limited to 8.4mm. Hence user get better view and quality with this screen.
Lava Iris 504Q Pictures
Lava Iris 504Q is launching with some good new and extra ordinary features, Like the phone not only plays HD videos but it also records HD videos. The record quality of the camera is around 1080 pixels. You can record videos at 30 frames per second. Hence you get a combination of better quality and resolution. A delight to the gamer has been given through this phone. A 12 GHz quad core processor is present that deliver faster information processing. To ensure that further there are no issues with the phone hanging a 1 GB RAM has been installed. The RAM count for all smart phones including Lava is increasing everyday. This is the way higher productivity can be attained with this phone. Android OS has taken over so many mobile phones including this handset. You would find version 4.2 present in this phone. Last but not the least the main camera is of 8MP and comes with auto-focus. Lava Iris 504q Pictures show a very broad screen and the hand gesture operation being performed on it.

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