Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HTC One Dual A 3G Android Phone

HTC Mobiles has come with a good news for all its customers. The company has come with a dual SIM version of very popular HTC One. This handset has been named as HTC One Dual that was spotted on a online retailer. As per the news available on the internet this phone would be delivered in 9 to 10 days from the seller of this phone. As per the further speculation done by some websites the phone would be available very soon as per the information mentioned.
HTC One Dual
HTC One Dual Price is Rs 46,495 that is definitely above the reach of lot of buyers. Since the phone is yet to reach the buyers the price is high. Once the phone reaches the market fall in the price may happen. HTC One Dual Features show that the phone can run on 2G and 3G networks. It is a huge benefit to have a 3G phone these days. It can be used for faster internet and video calling that can't be found in many regular handsets. But the video calling depends heavily on the front camera in this phone there is a front camera that does this difficult task. It can also be used to click pictures of you with other people. You may also record videos with great quality as video stabilization is attached to the handset. The camera allows you to work on HDR quality that could not be found in front camera of other smart phones. There is also a front camera which is the eye of a smart phone. This is a 4MP camera but don't bother much about the mega pixel count.
HTC One Dual
This single camera can capture 2688 x 1520 pixels hence it has been called Ultra pixel camera. Most cameras have a resolution count much lower than this device. Further information about the camera reveals that this camera has 1/3'' sensor size. A sensor is required to convert a regular camera into an intelligent machine that can detect objects then click accordingly. If there are many people and you want to click a picture then this camera is very dependable. It can detect individual faces which appear very clear once clicked. So that everyone could be clearly seen in the picture. Now you also don't have to tell your friends to smile at the camera. This mini device can detect when you friend smiles and click a picture. HTC One Dual Pictures show that the front camera is present along side the dual stereo frontal speakers.  HTC's Another Budget Android Smartphone: Desire 200 Spec's also Leaked also in the market.

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