Thursday, August 22, 2013

BlackBerry Z30 will have wireless charging

BlackBerry Mobiles is a company that has been working upon its own style. There is no other company that has been able to copy their style that makes Blackberry so unique. The company might have to face some tough times in India but their handsets are very popular. There are many people who talk about the Blackberry pin and messenger in India. Slowly and steadily people are buying these handsets and the company is progressing. The upcoming phone is BlackBerry Z30 that would reach the phone markets very soon. There has been no confirmation about the release of the handset by the company. These are estimations and until the news is released by the company nothing could be said.
BlackBerry Z30 Pictures
BlackBerry Z30 features show that the phone has a 5 inch display which is more than Blackberry phones available in the past. The screen is very important because the users can view their photographs on it. There are many other uses of the display like games can be played on this handset. Plus these days smart phones come with special attachments like calculator, alarm clock, and radio. This is the reason that this phone's display has AMOLED screen. This is the latest type of LED screen which only some handsets are able to utilize. The traditional TFT handsets are not being used as it is an old technology. Since the latest screen is used HD resolutions are produced. BlackBerry Z30 Price is not yet available.
BlackBerry Z30 Pictures
Thus the total pixel count for the handset is 720 pixels. More important than this is the pixels on one small area of the screen. For this handset 295 pixels are present in one inch area. Hence closer the pixels means the view is better. This phone has pixel density that is quite satisfactory. But all the applications need a great processor above the screen to operate properly. In this phone a 1.2Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor is present which gives excellent performance. There is also a RAM attached to the phone so that applications can use this temporary area to process data. The size of this RAM is 2GB that is better than many phones in the market. Covering all the RAM and processing of a mobile phone is the operating system. In this handset Blackberry OS would be present. Which version of the handset is present could not be said. BlackBerry Z30 Pictures show a 8MP camera on the back side and 2MP camera on the front side and Blackberry Q10 a new touch screen mobile from blackberry to be launched in india soon.

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