Friday, August 16, 2013

2013 Kawasaki ZX14R Expected Soon In Indian Markets

Bajaj Auto is responsible for selling many international brands in India including the Kawasaki and KTM. Currently, some Ninja models are being sold in India. In addition to the existing models, the Japanese company has plans to launch its successful premium two-wheelers the Kawasaki ZX-10R and the Kawasaki ZX-14R in India. The demand for these big mean motors is increasing as the customers become aware of the new models available abroad along with their superior features. Hence more and more bigger two-wheelers are getting imported to India. These Kawasaki bikes will be brought to India as completely built units.
Kawasaki Ninja Zx14r photos
Bajaj Auto can look forward to increase in sales with the launch of these two new super-bikes in addition to the KTM Duke. Zx14r or the ZZR1400 as it is called in Europe and Japan was first introduced in the Tokyo Motor Show in the year 2005 and was available in international markets the next year. In India, the Kawasaki Ninja Zx14r price is expected to be around Rs 17 lakh. This will be a great option for the Indian biker lovers who does not mind spending money for comfort and features. Currently there are many options in the 15 to 20 lakh range and this Japanese two-wheeler will give many of the existing ones a stiff competition once launched.
This Ninja Zx14r is a highly powerful auto-mobile and is expected to be the world’s fastest bike that is commercially sold. The Ninja ZX14R can accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 2.5 seconds. This true sports bike has an extremely powerful engine and has the capability to reach up to 300 kmph and the turbocharged versions can reach up to 400 kmph. But in accordance with the agreement between auto manufacturers of Japanese and European nations, the maximum speed is electronically limited to 300 kmph. The myriad Kawasaki Ninja Zx14r features ensures that it can provide tough competition to its competitors like Triumph and Harley Davidson. 
Kawasaki Ninja Zx14r photos
The engine that powers this monster is a 1352 cc four stroke engine. This liquid cooled in-line four cylinder engine is widely known for its peak powers. It can provide you with an amazing 194 BHP of power and a maximum torque of 154 Nm at a rpm of 7500. The ZX14 is equipped with a six speed transmission system. Both the front and rear gets disc brakes for efficient and sudden braking. The construction is based on the monocoque design which renders the vehicle with high strength and stability. Kawasaki Ninja Zx14r pictures show a fully faired two-wheeler that has attractive lines giving a smooth flowing look to this bike. The full-aired design gives it a muscular look and also helps in features like wind resistance and They also launched  Kawasaki Ninja 300 and here is review about this bike.

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