Thursday, July 18, 2013

Karbonn A50 has 1 GHz Processor

Karbonn Mobiles has released a smart phone known as Karbonn A50 in the smart phone industry. This is a start up phone and heavy features have not been loaded into the phone. The phone is currently available for sale and can be purchased from online retails stores. But many people haven't heard of the brand name that could be the reason the company hasn't made remarkable growth.
Karbonn A50 Pictures
Karbonn A50 Price is Rs 3,999 that is what Indian buyers look forward too. Karbonn A50 Features reveal that a 3MP main camera is present in the phone. Even though the MP count is low still the phone can capture HD images as per the company's website. Even a front camera is present that allows you to attend video calls and work on 3rd party applications. On top of this videos can also be captured with the camera. And the video playback allows you to play these videos. The A50 phone also has a 1 GHz CPU with which helps the apps to run faster. A fast processor also makes a regular phone smarter.
There are two SIM inside the phone which is important as most people don't want to own two phones. This removes the complexity of picking up one phone then hanging the other and vice-versa. The battery which empowers the device is of 1300mAh that last long enough. On standby mode the phone would give 200 hours of standby time. The talk time of the phone is 5 hours according to the company's website. The touch screen of the phone is large in size with 320x480p resolution. This is a high quality 8.9cm capacitive touch-screen of HVGA type. If you tilt the phone then the G-sensor gets activated and works according to the tilt direction.
Karbonn A50 Pictures
Further internet connection can be made to connect to your favourite sites and social networks. With the blue-tooth device files can also be shared with other phones. Karbonn A50 Pictures confirm that body dimensions would be around 116 x 67 x 12.3 mm. Along with the ringtone vibrate mode is also available. Even as a start-up up phone in this phone you would get 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM. To expand the memory 32GB card can be inserted in the phone. For sending messages SMS and MMS service may be used. There are also some embedded games that come along the OS in this phone. Moreover songs can be played live with FM radio. The beautiful android smartphone is now available in the market.

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