Monday, June 3, 2013

Nokia Asha 305 Priced at Rs. 4849

Nokia Mobiles has found their success formula. It is the Asha series which has been making a lot of news. Nokia Asha 305 is the new phone under the Asha tag. The company expected that their smart phones would become popular in India. But the phone was too complicated for the people to understand. So they came up with Asha phones that are easy to use. Nokia Asha 305 Price is Rs 4849. There are limited features because the price is low. The cost of the phone increases by adding more features. This phone is targeted towards rural population who want a simple phone.
Nokia Asha 305
Nokia Asha 305 Features show that the phone is longer in length. The phone dimensions are 110.3 x 53.8 x 12.8 mm. But the screen size is only 3 inches. You can still play games on this phone. There are several inbuilt games that you can play. You can also download games from the internet. The world web web can be accessed through GPRS and EDGE network. These connections also provide fast messaging service like MMS, email and IM. The regular text SMS can also be sent from this phone. You can send SMS to a large number of people. This phone has a phonebook to take care of your contacts. You can attach a picture to the contact with the photocall attribute.
Nokia Asha 305
There is a 2 GB memory card provided by the company. It will store all the pictures you click. You can replace this memory card and increase the external memory to 32 GB. The internal memory is of 10 MB. These are the permanent storage units. The volatile storage units are the RAM and ROM. This handset has 32 MB RAM and 64 MB ROM. You can share all the file that you store in the memory storage units. These files can be transferred to another device via wireless Bluetooth connection. You can also exchange files with the computer with USB cable. This phone has a microUSB v2.0 for establishing connection with your computer. The phone has many files formats that most computers support. If you click pictures with this phone then they would be displayed on the computer. There is a 2 MP camera that can be used to click photos. You can also view these photos horizontally. The accelerometer has automated this work. Nokia Asha 305 Pictures show blue coloured bands on the top and bottom of the screen. Recently, Nokia has launched the new smartphone of lumia series Nokia Lumia 925 with the price of 40.000 Rs.

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