Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jaguar F-Type: An Amazing Sports Car With Striking Features

Jaguar Land Rover Limited, a British auto-mobile giant, works jointly with India's very own Tata Motors. Presently, Indian ancillary has a few splendid luxury sports vehicle in their stable in which Jaguar F Type is the important one. The company is famous for their technically developed and stylish vehicle and this car is loaded with all these quality what we expect in any sports car. It is a two seater, at a very high price. Jaguar F Type price is not officially announced by the company but it is expected to be somewhere around Rs. 75 lakh (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi). There is no doubt that the price range of this splendid vehicle is not in the reach of the common people but after seeing their features it is easily understandable that is why the price is so high. 
Jaguar F Type
It is offered with two types of engines such as V6 S and V8 S. V6 S is loaded with 3.0-litre supercharged engine which generates the maximum power of 375 bhp and V8 S is available with 5.0-litre supercharged petrol mill and churn out the maximum power of 490 bhp. The list of Jaguar F Type features are not totally disclosed by the company but it is expected that it is loaded with all the advanced and luxury vehicles cars features. The power of the sports car is more valuable than its fuel economy and its power is excellent specially when it is compared with the other vehicle. The acceleration and the pick of Jaguar cars is quite impressive and it reaches the top speed in very few seconds. The interior of the car is designed in a manner that everything are around the driver and gives a sporty look.
Jaguar F Type
The brakes are sharp and the handling is able to move quickly and it it involves the driver too. Jaguar F Type is laden with all necessary and luxury features and feels like a dream when we drive such an impressive car. We can add all the equipments and extra fitments for our comfort. There is an option to add an advanced audio unit which is soothing and played good music. It is designed for 1+1 passenger and the co- driver play the role of an audience. Apart from these it is loaded with many other features for the comfort. As far as Jaguar F Type pictures are concerned it looks stunning when when it appears at the different sites. It is available in lot of vibrant colours and designs. In short, this car Type is one of the most luxurious sports car of our time. Recently we shared a stroy about BMW that 2013 BMW X6 Test Drive Review-A Wonderful Car.

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