Monday, June 3, 2013

HTC Desire V A Popular HTC Mobile

HTC Mobiles is a big brand company. Their phones have a great appeal. HTC focuses on less advertising and better production. The strategy is working in Indian markets as well. HTC Desire V is the phone that is currently in demand. The phone is currently available on online mobile shops. HTC Desire V Price is Rs 12,028. The cost of the phone is not too much. This phone will also reach out to the low budget buyers. It is a good news that the price of mobile phones have gone down.

HTC Desire V
HTC Desire V Features are dual SIM phone. One SIM will be able to run 3G mobile network. 3G networks provide fast internet and video calling. But there is no front camera hence video calls are not possible. The main camera of this phone is of 5 MP. You can click photos and record videos with this phone. When clicking photos a camera must focus on the object. This phone has autofocus that does the hardwork. A phone needs a good RAM to perform such complex tasks. There is a 512 MB RAM that can handle multiple process. These process are always backed up by a large storage capacity. This phone can store 4 GB of data inside it. You can also store your data on an external storage device. The memory card slot will serve this purpose very well. You can attach any type of memory card from zero to 32 GB.
HTC Desire V
You may also download data and store it on these devices. The internet connection will give you the power to download data. It can be done through GPRS and EDGE. You can also connect to a wi-fi in your neighbourhood. You will be able to the latest songs from internet. The Android Play Store contains many apps that also help in downloading music. You can listen to these songs with the earphones plugged in. Beats Audio sound enhancement has been added to the phone for clear music through the earphones. The Audio enhancement will also add fun to gaming with this phone. These games need a good graphics card to run on a mobile phone. In this phone you will get a Adreno 200 graphics card. HTC Desire V Pictures show the dual SIM symbol on the home screen. Below the home screen there are three buttons. These buttons are for home, back and new window. On the opposite side is the camera with LED flash. HTC mobiles have launched their most awaited Desire X with android features.

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