Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blackberry Q10 A Good Handset to connect with your Loved Ones

New operating system have been added by Blackberry Mobiles to their new phones. Blackberry Q10 is that handset that has got this new change. This phone will have to go against other companies whose handsets are fully touch screen type. The qwerty keypad is the signature style of Blackberry phones but it seems to be loosing its value. Some new ideas by the company can bring in a better device that would help BB to regain its position. Blackberry Q10 Price is RS 38249 which will now compete with low cost phones from China.
BlackBerry mobiles
The phone is currently available for sale in the online markets. The Blackberry Q10 Features show that there have been some changes done to the keyboard to re-engineer it for easy typing. The 119.6mm x 66.8mm x 10.4mm body has been crafted to the best design possible. The 3.5inch OLED screen goes hand in hand with the 139gram body so that you may carry on the phone anywhere. This camera phone is coming With the 2MP front camera the user can switch from BBM chat to BBM video conversation which helps to connect with people. The fast Dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU collaborates with the intelligent calender for creating events and meetings.
BlackBerry Q10
The internet can be browsed with great speed GPRS, EDGE and wi-fi. The 8MP primary camera has a time shift mode with that you could move parts of your picture backward and forward in time. The mess of paper has been further removed by adobe reader and documents on the go. Another technology that makes exchanging data easier is the NFC wireless network. The home screen can be personalized for reading BBM updates, check upcoming meetings and active frames from the home screen. The voice control feature can be used for sending BBM message, schedule meetings and update facebook status. The GPS navigation works with Blackberry Maps that speaks directions and gives traffic alerts.
There is a large BB World storefront which gives access to apps, games, music, videos, magazines and more. The phone has 16GB internal storage which is protected by the trusted security feature. A busy project can be worked upon with 2100mAh battery that gives 14 days of standby time. Photos, lists, messages and web links can be grouped in one place with Blackberry Remember. If you are a person that does a lot of conversation over the phone then all the talks can be managed with Blackberry Hub with just a swipe. Blackberry Q10 Pictures also show that with just a touch of thumb you can check messages from social networking platform.   

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