Friday, June 14, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S is going to come out in October with Eye catching features

Apple mobiles are well known in the mobile market for their brand. This great brand has got numerous models in each and every price segment and satisfied each and every consumer. The recent leaks over online state about the expected launch of the new Apple iPhone 5S in the month of October, 2012. Many consumers in the Indian mobile market are expecting this variant to come with many high end and impressive specifications, which are going to push down all the other rival companies in the market. Putting all these rumors aside, we had seen the launch of the most premier device which is dubbed as Apple iPhone 5. its is clear that the model has carried all the high end features, which had given the gadget a impressive look. Keeping this successor in mind the manufacturer has decided to launch a new smartphone in the same line up. As per the previous reports it is claimed that the Apple iPhone 5S model is going to come out of the box with many high end features that are going to beat all the other brand models in the smartphone segment.
Apple iPhone 5S
The issues related to the display of the device is said to be the main reason for the push back of the launch date of the Apple iPhone 5S. Glen Yeung, an analyst in Citigroup claimed that that’s not really the case because you can’t really delay something without first giving a specific timeframe for its arrival, it is also claimed that Apple has not really done this. In order to know each and everything in detail, there is only little time to go for the launch of the gadget. It is also stated that the gadget will be enabled with an improved 13 MP rear shooter.
Apple iPhone 5S
The company officials has claimed that, the manufacturer is in the final stage of improvement of its next-generation mobile application. When we talk about the Apple iPhone 5S features, It is believed that the iPhone 5S will receive a processor upgraded. This amazing iPhone 5S is predicted to turn out of the box with the latest IOS7 processor. It is also expected for the inclusion of the A6X chip fixed in it. There are other rumors which state about the A7 quad-core chip is also ready to come with the iPhone 5S. It is also expected that Apple to implement a full range of fast 4G LTE connectivity as networks continue to expand both in the UK and elsewhere.
It is also expected that the innovative 5S will be having a huge 4.8 inches display, which is comparatively larger than its earlier 4 inch display of Apple iPhone 5 model; which is claimed to help the user in providing high image clarity. There are many leaks that revealed that the Apple iPhone 5S price will be slated at INR 41,799 (approximately). A detailed INFO regarding this model will be available when you click on to the latest Apple iPhone 5S pictures available online. Recently we shared a stroy about Sony Mobiles that Sony Xperia ZR will Debut in India Soon and is now Available for Pre-order Online.

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