Thursday, June 6, 2013

2013 BMW X6 Test Drive Review-A Wonderful Car

BMW cars have proved themselves to be one of the best car makers of the world by generating a new type of model that is Sports Activity Coupe (SAC). It was not a common word used for wagons but now there is only one car of this type. Body of this wagon is very attractive and this project was started in 2008 by the company and soon they are planning to launch SAC in a very good amount like their X4 will be in market very shortly.
BMW has worked very well on the look of this model and main focus is to make it light-weighted. Although its style is not very common but still its demand is very high and its sales rate is approximate 1.5lakhs units per year. Some minor changes have been made in this car last year and it was launched in November 2012. After having seen its success, other car makers are also getting inspired working on the same segment. There was no competition for BMW X6 in the market but now Audi has already started its work on Q6 and Mercedes is also about to complete its project MLC (ML-Coupe) giving vibes of competition to X6 and that too a tough one.
BMW X6 features mainly focus on its weight and looks. This model goes beyond the law of physics as this SUV comes with sporty look with light weight body. Another most interesting feature of this car is “Flex Ray” that allows electronic system to be upgraded very easily. Mostly, people love the coupe of X6’s design but there might be other few people who describe it as a strange looking car with the roof which is like coupe with a slant that meets the boot at some angle. Alloy wheels appear highlighted. Interior of the car is very classy but only 4 passengers can sit easily because of the roof fifth person might feel uncomfortable. Besides, X6 gives you a wooden dashboard and a glove box with a button. Storage capacity is good as it contains many small storage boxes. Climate control button and LCD screen are also there to increase X6’s beauty.
As seen from BMW X6 pictures it is confirmed that its front looks are very much similar to the older model of BMW which is X5. The power of superb design and look of BMW X6 is so much magnetic that you cannot take your eyes off it and make you feel as there is no other car on the road. BMW X6 price is very handsome and is expected to cross 1 crore. It is approximately ranges nearly 1,07,50,00. Mahindra company has launched it's new model Verito Vibe on June 5th In India. 

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