Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sony Xperia E has small display

Sony mobiles have come up with a new type of handset. This phone is known as Sony Xperia E. The phone is a new invention under the Xperia series. We have seen the phone on an online marketing site. This is good news for the buyers as well as the sellers. Sony Xperia E Price is tagged of Rs 9990. Some websites have been astonished by the value of the phone. Xperia handsets have been popular for the price they hold. Due to growing competition in the smart phone market the company must have taken this move.
Sony Xperia E
Sony Xperia E Features show that Android v4.1 Jelly Bean is present in the phone.  The newer versions have  been spotted in some of the devices by the start up companies. How the company will cope with this is going to be very interesting. The chip of the device is 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Probably the features have not been compromised due to the price slash. The temporary memory or RAM is of 512 MB. That is sufficient for anyone who understands that RAM is just a new stuff in the smart phone arena. The display of the phone has a size of 3.5 inch. It is not too bad. Some people are size crazy, we don’t recommend it for those people.
Sony Xperia E
The screen resolution of the phone is of 320 x 480 pixels and a HVGA TFT screen. Gesture input has made the touch screen very responsive. Just bring your fingers close to the screen and the work is done. The main camera is just of 3.2 MP. Sony Xperia E with 3.2 MP shows itself a great camera phone. This may raise some discontent from the customers. This is a budget phone which is not made for professional photographers.
The phone should be directed towards the average buyer. But you will be able to record videos and zoom the camera to 4 times. The inbuilt memory of the phone is of 4 GB. Specs like memory storage makes Sony standout for many general phone in the market. The power backup is from a 1530 mAh battery. The exceptional sound of this phone is supported by xLoud Technology. Sony Xperia E Pictures show a mini Xperia type of phone. The phone is little thick. The loudspeaker has a great design just like a woofer. The backside is little larger than the front side. This is not a perfectly rectangular phone as we can see. Its latest version Sony Xperia E dual a good dual sim android phone.

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