Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hero Passion X Pro has 110cc Engine

Hero MotoCorp, the number one bike manufacturing and selling unit in India, has recently launched a new bike into the market under its most successful 'Passion' bike series called Hero Passion X Pro. Over the years, we have seen a regular upgrade of the Passion bikes that has inducted latest technology along with the stylish enhancing features. Since the Hero bikes have had a good market, they are looking to bring out the new bikes with some modifications and enhancement at the same time maintaining the brand value. The upgrade of the bike from its earlier siblings is that it has got the aggressive and more stylish designing features.

Hero Passion X Pro pictures stylish exterior designs that make it look vibrant and cool. The head lamp in the front is designed in the trapezoidal model that has the multi-focal feature giving bright light while riding during the dark times. The edgy cowl and the indicators are projected well that gives clear visibility while riding the bike. The design on the fuel tank is so beautiful that easily sync with the name X Pro written on it. The silencer gets altered with the new chrome shielding cover. The whole bike gets a bulky look than its earlier bikes with the highlighting stylish design features makes it majestic new modeled bike.
Hero Passion X Pro
Hero Passion X Pro features a decent quality new mono-cylinder, 4-stroke 110cc engine that is air-cooled and has OHC technology. Hero Passion X Pro is being very popular among Indians. The power output generated by the engine is 8.5 bhp at 7500 rpm while its torque output of 9.36 Nm arrives at 5500 rpm. Electric start-up of the bike is available along with the kick start option. The 4 speed gear-box is built with shift-up pattern that runs the bike at very good speeds. The acceleration of the bike is very efficient that it reaches a speed of 60Kmph within 7-8 secs. The top speed on the bike can be reached up to 95Kmph, even on the highways. The fuel consumption of the bike on the city roads can be up to 60Kmpl.
The bike has the Drum braking system as default brakes while we also have the option of availing the disc brake bike. The alloy wheels, again, an option available for the user to add to the stylish design features. The safety and the style riding gives the rider much needed comfort with easy handling features. Hero Passion X Pro price starts from INR 46,000 and we see a slight increase with additional features.

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