Saturday, April 20, 2013

Get Apple iPhone 4 through BuyBack Scheme in India

Apple Mobiles will be giving out the Apple phone in an exchange policy. The company has released this policy due to the response their device has received in India. Some of advertisements show that the company will give Rs 7000 in return of your old. How much success the offer gets depends on the buyers. The phone you will get is Apple IPhone 4. Apple IPhone 4 Price is Rs 22999. The price of the phone is not too much. The company spokesman has told that the price could have been further reduced if the network companies would have supported. Many people still don’t understand the way Apple phones work. These phones are fast and easy to access. Maybe that doesn’t suit the Indian people.
Apple Iphone 4
Apple Iphone 4 features are a retina type of display. The display is said to have 4 times more pixel density than your regular phone. So you get a 3.5 inch display screen with screen resolutions of 640 x 960 pixels. Which is more than our eyes can perceive. Steve Jobs said that the phone looks like a electronically printed book.  Rendering text will be done by the phone for this purpose. The chipset inside the phone is Apple-designed A4 CPU. The talk time hours on the phone would be upto 7 hours. Well some phones are not able to provide that. The standby time of the phone is 300 hours. The phone can store about 32 GB of data in the phone itself.
Apple Iphone 4
It is a quad band internet connection for the phone. Wifi connection is also present in the phone. Various sensors that are present in the phone are accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, and an ambient light sensor. These are many more sensors that we could have thought of. A gyroscope is used for giving six axis sensing.  The camera of the phone is around 5 MP and there is a backside illuminating sensor. So you can also edit movies in this phone. The Microsoft Bing will be used as an optional search engine. The google users get it as their default search engine.  A new feature would be added to the phone. It is known as iBook. The news has been given by the company. You would be ableto purchase and download books in this phone. The OS in the phone is iOS 4. Apple IPhone 4 Pictures show that the phone can be rotated horizontally. The unique design from the early days is still visible. Apple is Fierce Competitor of Samsung.

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