Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blackberry Z10 Bringing Profit for Blackberry Mobiles

BlackBerry Mobiles has now covered a bigger market than we could think of. The phone is called BlackBerry Z10. The company has sold around 6 million phones sold in three months. The sales were made in the past 4 months. BlackBerry Z10 Price is Rs 40,999. Many people in India also consider it to be a great phone. The company hasn’t focused much on advertisings. It is popular through word of mouth and user experience.
Blackberry Z10
BlackBerry Z10 Features are a new style of design for this phone. The phone comprises of 16 GB of internal storage. It would meet all the storage demand of the consumer. This BlackBerry phone is packed with music, games and applications. To support them there is a 1.5 Ghz Dual core processor. The Blackberry mobile Z10 works on the BlackBerry OS. The phone has a 8 MP rear camera. The phone provides HD resolution which is very rare. The phone has a LCD display of 4.2 inches.
Blackberry Z10
Some other technologies in the phone are 4G LTE wireless. It would be the next generation of mobile networking. The internal memory fitted in the phone is of 16 GB. Many start up companies stumble on 2 GB or 4 GB. It is the main difference between these phones. The battery of the phone is of 1800 mAh. Other compelling specs like GPS, Bluetooth and wi-fi will be very handy. The phone has networking associations with some of the leaders in the market. So the users may not have to worry about their BB pins and messages. BlackBerry Z10 Pictures show that the phone has blue screen and black body. It is the same kind of appearance of the sky during the night. The menu screen list can also be spotted in other pictures. The company’s logo is present at the back side.

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