Friday, March 15, 2013

Sony Xperia Z Camera is Better Than HTC Butterfly

Sony Mobiles and HTC Mobiles are a good competing brands in the market. Both the brands are into the field with many of the latest version gadgets where they have got their own role to play in the mobile market shelves. When we exactly take Sony Xperia Z and HTC Butterfly into consideration, we have got some changes to see in both of them and mostly both the gadgets have got identical features when we exclude the technical issues. Sony Xperia Z Price starts at Rs 37990 and when we look into the HTC Butterfly Price starts at Rs 45900. HTC Butterfly is more expensive than the Sony Xperia Z. Sony is of 4G and HTC is of 3.5G. Sony Xperia Z is released in to market on March 2013 and coming to HTC Butterfly it was released in January 2013).
Sony Xperia Z
HTC Butterfly is provided with a LCD display technology and the other gadget, Sony Xperia Z is provided with TFT display technology. When we take Front Camera Quality as a topic then HTC Butterfly comes with 2.1 MP shooter and Sony Xperia Z is made available with 2 MP shooter. When we talk about the Rear Camera, then Sony Xperia Z defeats the other gadget with 13 MP camera and HTC Butterfly is packed with 8 MP camera. Sony Xperia Z is enabled with a battery capacity of 2,330 mAh and HTC Butterfly with a 2,020 mAh battery capacity.
HTC Butterfly
Sony is configured with USB port for connecting the gadget to other devices, where the data transfer to others is made simple where as the HTC does not pack any USB port for it. Sony is provided with 1080p @ 30fps movie format and where as HTC is given with 1080p Full HD video format. When we particularly take dimensions of both the gadgets Sony is of 8 mm thickness and HTC is of 9 mm thickness. The average size of Sony is 71x139x7 mm and 71x143x9 mm is the size of HTC. Sony supports LTE (80 mbps) network where as HTC allows HSPA (14 mbps) network to connect the device to the internet. But individually both of them have got great demand for their amazing key features.

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