Monday, March 25, 2013

Samsung REX 90 and Nokia Asha 311 are budget phones

The budget phone race is now on. Two companies Nokia and Samsung are competing for selling more devices. Nokia Mobiles has it own Asha series which they count upon for Indian markets. The phone got a lot of hype from the TV ads. Some people didn’t pay attention to the phone as it was not a smart phone. The company has improvised the phone and added many features of a smart phone. Nokia Asha 311 is their mobile for this year.
Nokia Asha 311
Nokia Asha 311 can be bought online from any online marketing site. The phone has a 3 inch screen. The phone somehow appears to have a bigger screen in the snapshots. The screen has a Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The Nokia Asha 311 has all the features of a smart phone. The internal memory of the phone is of 140 MB. Some people might not like this at all. The phone has 256 MB ROM and 128 MB RAM. The battery of the phone is 1110 mAh and one primary camera of 3.15 MP. Nokia Asha 311 Price is Rs 5790. Other companies are providing better devices with a lesser price. Maybe they should reconsider the price of the phone. Samsung Mobiles is one company that hasn’t put any celebrity into its ads yet. They might consider their devices to have many features in it. This might be true considering the past record of the phone.
Samsung Rex 90
Samsung REX 90 has 10 MB internal memory. It is a negligible data this phone would be able to store. You would have to place an external storage card in the phone . It would help the phone perform better. The microSD card can carry a store data till 32 GB. The primary camera of the phone is of 3.15 MP. There is no secondary camera. The phone has 1000 mAh of battery. The minimum features have been put down in one phone. The various kinds of internet connections are present in the phone. It doesn’t have a Android operating system. Samsung REX 90 Price is Rs 5855. Both the companies have made a strategic move. They have kept the price almost equal to each other. Samsung has a 0.5 inch bigger screen than Nokia. But the processing speed of Nokia is of 1 GHz . There is no such data given for Samsung.

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