Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311 available with good features

Samsung Mobiles has made a new phone available for sale. The phone is known as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311. You must have heard of Galaxy tabs. The advertisement campaign for these tablet phones has been great. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311 price is Rs 13,900. This price has been put up by the company’s website. So you can buy this phone online. The value of the phone is not too high. Many leading companies have realized that they can’t sell a phone with a huge price tag.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311 Features are dimensions 193.7x122.4x10.5 mm, weight 344 grams, bar shape and white body color. The battery of the tab is whooping 4000 mAh. It is the type of battery that runs for many days. It also plays many hours of non stop music. The screen of the phone has 193.7x122.4x10.5 mm of resolution. It is a TFT touch screen. There are many other latest screen technology that you will find these days. The screen size is of 7 inches. So the phone easily fits into the smart phone category. The primary camera of the phone is of 3.0 MP. It provides zoom, flash and video out. A secondary VGA camera is also present in the tab. The photo modes that can be used are Negative, Gray scale and Sepia. Connectivity can be done through Bluetooth, wi-fi and USB. The GPS navigation feature has been found for this tab.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311
The internet can be connected through GPRS and wi-fi. The 3.5 mm audio jack and multimedia players have been added for entertainment purpose. Extra features such as flight mode and voice memo would be useful for business people. The software for synchronizing with PC is Samsung Kies. The Sound Alive solution has been provided for music in this phone. There is a phone contact backup mode card which is very useful. The tab will store many contacts in one file through this feature. A mobile tracker setting for the phone can be used. Personal information management apps like memo book, clock, world time, alarm and calculator are present in this tab. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311 Pictures show a tab with many curves. Sometimes a phone with sharp corner looses its paint from those corners. On the back side of the phone the primary camera can be seen. Volume control and stand by button is present on the left side of the phone.
Samsung company claims that Samsung Galaxy Y Plus will be released in to the market quite soon, which would be the cheapest Samsung's Android boosted Smartphone.

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