Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nokia 105 A Cheap Phone from Nokia

Nokia Mobiles has come up with a cheap phone. Earlier this year the company had released high specs smart phones. Now there will be a simple phone by the same company. It is sure that the people would buy this phone. These phones would be available by the end of this month. The expectations are very high from this company. Nokia 105 is the name of this phone. Nokia 105 price is Rs 1000 according to a mobile news blog. Some people consider it to be a good phone after seeing the photos on the internet. The phone might not be a critics choice phone though. There are other multimedia phones by the company that meet their expectations.
Nokia 105
The Nokia 105 features are size 4.21 x 1.76 x 0.56 inches (107 x 44.8 x 14.3 mm) and weight 2.47 oz (70 g). The phone box contains the following accessories Nokia Compact Charger AC-3 (Nokia High-Efficiency Charger AC-8C in China, Nokia Fast USB Charger AC-10UC in PRC), Nokia Battery BL-5CB , Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101, Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102, Quick Guide, User Guide and Product information leaflet. These are some basic details for a person who really wishes to buy this phone. The OS in this phone is Series 30 UI. We have never heard of such an OS before. The screen size is of 1.4 inches. Many people call it to small.
Nokia 105
Though it is small but if the phone is only used for calling it’s not bad. The resolution of this screen is 128 x 128 pixels. It would be useful while viewing multimedia or photos. The pixel density of the phone is 128 x 128 pixels. It counts where there are gasps in the phone pixels or points. The phone has a LCD screen. A screen which is better than traditional TFT screens. The phone is backed by 800 mAh of battery. According to this the company says that this phone would give 35 days of working. It might be a little less in real life. The phone has a FM player. It is a good choice for music lovers. The phone operates on GSM network. The phone book size is of 500 entries. It  is a sufficient number and add 200 SIM entries to it. Nokia 105 pictures show two color model of this phone. It comes in black and blue black color. You should go for blue black color. The front of the phone has a blue rim around the black body.
Sony mobiles India has confirmed officially Sony Xperia Z in India and it is priced at INR 35,000 Sony Xperia Z.

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