Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mahindra's Mojo 300cc will come with powerful engine

As per our close sources, the news is that Mahindra Mojo has recently been caught testing near Pune. However, the launch of the bike has been delayed and there is no official news about this bike has been made up till now. As per our close and reliable sources, the news is that the new Mojo is expected to hit the Indian outlets in 2014. Mahindra Bikes are robust in terms of technology. They are built on the In-house technology and this makes them unique and most advanced than other 300 bikes.

Mahindra Mojo 300

Mahindra Mojo 300 Features the front inverted fork telescopic hydraulic-damped suspension while the rear is 120 mm stroke horizontal mounted mono shox. The perfect quality of the suspensions makes this sports bike a luxurious one to ride on. On the grounds of speed, the new Mojo stands firm and claims a choleric speed of more than 160 km/h and it goes up to the speed of 0-60 in just 5.8 seconds. The braking system has also made stout to keep the sporty bike in control. There is a front 320 mm Petal disc brake and the rear 220 mm Petal disc brake attached, which lead your ride safe and with a lot of control over it.

Mahindra Mojo 300

Mahindra Mojo 300 sports a liquid-cooled, 292 cc engine with DOHC technology. This technology is exceptionally advanced and empowers the engine very well. The engine cranks off the maximum power of 25 bhp comes @ 8500 rpm and the peak torque this engine pumps off is 24 Nm arrives @ 7000 rpm. This much power makes the bike really effective to not to give up even when you choose to go off road. In terms of fuel-consumption, this bike stands a mile away than others comparatively with the decent average of 30 km/l in city conditions and it is extended to 5 more kms per litre on long revs. Mahindra Mojo 300 Price is Rs. 2,00,000* expected. (Ex-showroom Delhi). The price is much competent for the sports bike lovers. The bike has got all over fame even before its launch. It can be proved the most splendid and desirable sports-bikes made in India. Mahindra has really taken care of the money conscious consumers of the nation. Mahindra Mojo 300 Pictures a great design as it has a very sporty look. This is a result of great craft-ship and hard-work. So get ready for the sensational Mojo.

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