Saturday, March 30, 2013

LG Optimus G Pro is less expensive than Samsung Galaxy Note II

LG Mobiles and Samsung Mobiles both are good competitors of each other. Both of the brands have got good competition in the market. Both the brands are known to be good brands that had got full specified features in their products. Both the brands are into the field since long back. It is evident from the design and screen size that the LG Optimus G Pro is shooting out the Samsung Galaxy Note II models market position. Samsung Galaxy Note II model dare step in tablet segment. Where as the LG Optimus G Pro is built for only the single purpose of running the best phablet title.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
LG Optimus was announced in February 2013 whereas Samsung Galaxy Note II was announced on August 2012. Galaxy Note II is available in the market since September  2012 whereas LG Optimus G Pro is expected to be into the market in the second quarter of the year. So lets compare both the gadgets regarding their specifications. We see that the rear camera of the Galaxy Note II will be provided with 8 megapixel and the rival carry a camera on the back of it with well featured 13 megapixel. The video chat option for the Galaxy Note is enabled with 1.9 megapixel shooter and the same option for LG Optimus G Pro is going to come with 1.3 megapixel.
LG Optimus G Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note II is enabled with a powerful battery of 3,100 mAh and on the other hand G pro consists a 2,100 mAh battery. Comparatively the Samsung Galaxy Note II Price comes with a tag of Rs 34,900. whereas the other gadget LG Optimus G Pro Price starts at Rs 38500. So we can say that LG Optimus G Pro carries a greater price tag comparatively with the rival. Samsung Galaxy Note II will get Exynos 4412 CPU whereas G Pro will carry Qualcomm MDM9615/APQ8064 Krait CPU built-in with it. The CPU speed will be 1.60 GHz in Note II whereas the G Pro will come with 1.50 Ghz. The weight of the Note II will be 180 Grams on the other hand its rival will weigh around 145 Grams. The battery offered to the Samsung Galaxy Note II will offer 35 hours of talktime and G Pro will offer 10 hours accordingly with its battery given to it.

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