Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lava XOLO A1000 Priced at Rs. 13,999

Lava Mobiles is another company that sells low cost mobiles. The company is still releasing one device after another. The next device is known as Lava XOLO A1000. It is a smart phone. The company is expecting more sales through these phones. The phone is being sold on a leading online marketing site. The good thing about price friendly phones is that they reach out to the customers very fast. For a costly phone the local and online retailer have to be sure about how they would buy the bulk order themselves.
Lava Xolo A1000
Lava XOLO A1000 Price is Rs 13,999. Some users still might call it out of their budget. The phone has a big screen this might be the cause of higher price. Other phones by brand name companies cost much higher. The price tag does make the phone very popular in the market though. Lava XOLO A1000 Features are dual SIM feature. The dual SIM phone has become a trend in the mobile market these days. Even the user doesn’t need a second SIM still they might buy a dual SIM. Some call it beneficial as they keep one SIM on roaming and other for local numbers. It has a capacitive screen, loudspeaker, GSM and UMTS network support. The OS is android v4.1 jelly bean.
Lava Xolo A1000
It has a 1 GHz dual core processor. Many leading companies provide more processing speed. If you are not a hard core gamer then it is not required. The Lava Xolo A1000 comes with 5 inch display screen, HD support and IPS display. The screen suits the best standard available in the market. It has an 8 MP primary camera. It is a very impressive camera added by Lava. The secondary camera is of 1.2 MP. The camera also provides BGI sensor and auto focus. The BGI image sensor is only available in brand phones and somehow Lava has been able to add them. The phone is stuffed with 2100 mAh battery. The standby time is long and real usage time might be less. Smart phones usually consume lot of battery but this battery would perform better. The phone has 1 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM. Lava XOLO A1000 Pictures show three buttons at the bottom of the screen. There is the front camera and call loudspeaker on top of the screen.  

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