Thursday, March 21, 2013

Honda CBR 400R Coming Soon With Good Engine Specs

Honda Motor Company Ltd. is a premier automobile company headquartered at Japan. World's largest manufacturing unit in motorcycles, Honda is all set to launch a new bike into the market called Honda CBR 400R. Honda are very keen in launching new bikes in the Indian markets for all the crazy buffs who are interested in bikes. Honda is now aggressively launching various bikes with engine variants like 300cc, 400c and 500cc. Honda CBR 400R is of 400cc bike that comes with stunning looks and stylish design. Earlier, Honda launched CBR 500R, now plans to launch Honda CBR 400R with all the specifications remaining same except the decrease in the engine capacity is soon to arrive in India. Honda bikes are known for their beast sized stylish design and this is one among them.
Honda CBR 400R
Honda CBR 400R features very stylish and classy alloy wheels which offer very impressive and sporty look to the bike. The bike has a 400cc capacity engine. The overall length of the bike is 2080mm, height of 1130mm and a width of 685mm. The ground clearance is also good with 130mm distance between the surface and the lowest point in the bike barring tyres. It has broad tyres that help in controlling the bike even at a great speed. Honda CBR 400R pictures a very definitive and absorbing features and with some eye catchy specifications. The engine itself is so incredible and gives more pleasure while riding it. The first glance of the bike gives us very appealing and stunning look with good aero-dynamic features added to it.
Honda CBR 400R
Honda CBR 400R also features a attractive front design with elegance personified. The multi-reflector headlamp gives clear visibility and the visibility range is also good while riding in pitch dark areas. The rear view mirrors are also finely designed that it gives clear picture present at the back of us. The handlebar of the bike also gives comfort to the rider and doesn't give any stress related issues while on a long drive. The dashboard present above the head light consists of speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge helpful in indicating to the rider. The fuel tank is also huge that can accommodate high amount of fuel. All new Honda CBR 400R has body color mask and front mud-guard. The rear section of the bike is also pleasing to see with nice mud-guard protection for the pillion.
Honda CBR 400R
Honda CBR 400R price is INR 2,20,000 which is quite expensive in the Indian market. Honda CBR 400R offers a comfortable ride for the user with great ease even while the long drives. Honda just wants to add as many bikes to its tally as possible giving the user all the head-ache in selecting one among them. They are so efficient in maintaining good market with strong sales figures and thereby earning profits year after year consistently.
Recently, Honda unveiled Honda CB Trigger 150 bike with an affordable price tag.

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