Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S may have the price of Rs. 50,000

We all know that definitely a new iPhone will be hitting the stores shelves this year for sure. According to the leaks in the mobile market, it seems that Apple is going to be out into the market with a new phone named as iPhone 5S. Apple Mobiles have got a great demand for their models in the Indian market. It is said that Apple iPhone 5S will be released in to the market quite soon in August.
Apple iPhone 5S
There is no news revealed regarding the exact launch date of the model, but yet we can expect the reports sometime in the event of Mobile World Congress and even There is nothing leaked regarding the style and design of the mobile. It is expected that, the Apple IPhone 5S Features is said to contain same feature and overall design as the iPhone 5 carry, but Apple’s plan is to boost up the imaging quality with a improved camera of 13-megapixel and the with a extension in the processor, possibly that may be A7.
Apple iPhone 5S
According to previous leaks the iPhone 5S will also come with a impressive fingerprint sensor under the home button for added security reasons, plus additional upgraded camera which will have an improved LED “SmartFlash” sensor for better photography and the storage capacity is said to be 128GB. It is expected that Apple IPhone 5S will be appeared with the same body and in a slim body structure. Apple IPhone 5S Pictures will intimate you that the display won't be changing from its current iPhone 5s specification. As each and every mobile manufacturing company is widely focusing on the large displays, this gadget will be made available with a higher-resolution display than the iPhone 5, based on the new IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) material.
Apple iPhone 5S
It is said that the impressive iPhone 5S is also claimed to include near field communications (NFC) boosted in it, a close-range wireless system already available in many Android smartphones. It is claimed that, this phone is added up with a special 4G chip, which will allow the gadget to work with all mobile networks world-wide. There are no leaks regarding the Apple IPhone 5S Price, but expected to have the price of Rs. 50,000. This model is claimed to be available in different colors.

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