Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lava IRIS 351 Another Cheap Mobile from Lava

Lava Mobiles is known by the computer savvy community very well. The company strategy has been straight forward, keep the price low. Sometimes the companies compromises with the features with low range. The device by the company has been available on some leading marketing sites. If the mobile works well then the company can become a tough competitor. Some people think that this company is competing with other low price sellers. The argument is right as most phones are imported from the market. The new mobile is known as Lava IRIS 351. It is a smart phone with a smart price.
Lava IRIS 351
Lava IRIS 351 Price is Rs 3,899. It is hard to believe that it has a price below 5,000. These days the Chinese tablet also cost low. They also come under Rs 5,000 range. The problem is that such devices don’t advertise much and are not known to everyone. But some leading companies know this fact and are releasing low cost phones. Let’s hope the prices fall even further and more features are added to them. Lava IRIS 351 Features are it is an android phone. The version is v4.1 Jelly Bean. This is a dual SIM smart phone. It has a capacitive touch screen. Many features are missing in this phone and no new features ha ve been added. But less features always means the phone is less complicated. The battery works more are the person has to worry less about the device. You may also not worry about privacy of your data on such a phone. The phone has 1 GHz processor and 5 inch screen. The screen size looks good. Many leading reduce the screen the size with lower price.
Lava IRIS 351
The phone has two cameras, a rear and front camera. Two cameras are always better than one. The front camera reduces lot of user side effort to click self shots. The person can also click self shots with friends. The rear camera is 5 MP and front is 0.3 MP. The rear camera has LED flash and apps such as Auto Focus, Face Detection, Panorama Shot and Zoom. It is always recommended to click a photo and make changes through a high end editor. But nowadays that can be done through a smart phone. Lava IRIS 351 Pictures show a huge phone. The front side is that of a phablet. On the back side there is the camera. The camera looks great.
HTC One is expected to launch till March end in Indian mobile market with a price tag of Rs 40,000 and many other features.

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