Monday, February 18, 2013

KTM RC25- A 250cc-A Feature-Rich Sports Bike

KTM, world-wide known for the racing bikes it manufactures, drew attention for the first time when it won a racing championship and its bikes played a leading role in order to achieve the success for the company. It started a chain of winnings and the victories on the different racing tracks all over the world brought by these sports bikes, added more to its popularity. KTM Bikes are perfectly woven for all the type of the riders. The technically sound motor-cycles are built on an unique platform. Therefore the KTM bikes heading up towards a great future in India. As per our reliable sources, the Austrian maker is planning to bring its latest model KTM RC25 in light shortly.
KTM RC25 250
KTM RC25 250 sports a 1.3 litre, single-cylinder engine with a displacement of around 249 cc. The liquid-cooled engine is going to offer you an utmost power out put of 30 bhp and the maximum torque yield of approximately 25 Nm. This much power enables the bike to adduce you a ride never had before. In terms of mileage, the latest KTM RC25 will not be able to perform well. It manages to churn out a low fuel efficiency which in one of the drawbacks of the bike. KTM RC25 250 Price is expected to lay reasonable keeping the college going generation in mind. KTM is going to launch the bike in association with the Indian Two-wheeler giant Bajaj, who understands the negative aspects of a high price tag. 
KTM RC25 250
KTM RC25 250 Features a fiery top speed which is one of the key features of the bike. Such perfect to speed will help you to achieve your destinations quickly. On the grounds of comfort the sports-star adduces you a luxury comfort as it features a good range of dual suspensions. The front and the suspension at the back are equally robust. The Austrian maker has confirmed the safety measures in the bike. The front and the rear brakes of the new KTM RC25 are strong and instant enough to propose you an emergency free ride. KTM RC25 250 Pictures an amazing model of ergonomics. The front part of the bike is built with a great craft-ship which aid aerodynamics. The back portion is lifted-up a little which looks ravishing. The overall body of the sports star leaves a fine impression on a beholder. So get ready for this astounding bike which is built to take you away.  
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