Friday, January 18, 2013

Mahindra Mojo Will Have Fine Quality Suspension

2010 was the year when Mahindra made its début into the swiftly growing Indian bike market. The expectation was to give its rivals a tough challenge with their bike segment but on the contrary all the hopes ended in smoke. Mahindra really had a bad start but the makers were not in the mood to give up things so easily. They made their think-tank to actually sit and re-think on the issues and resolve them. Finally, they removed all their faults in a very short period of time and prepared themselves for the comeback. Now, Mahindra is all set to showcase the special edition of their sports bike Mahindra Mojo. Mahindra Bikes are known for their economical prices with a fair range of features.
Mahindra Mojo
Mahindra Mojo sports a 292 cc engine with DOHC technology. This technology is really advanced and empowers the engine fully. The engine generates the maximum power of 25 bhp @ 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 24 Nm @ 7000 rpm. This much power makes the bike really efficient to not to yield even when you go off road. In terms of mileage the bike stands a mile away as compared with others with the fine average of 30 km/l in city and it is extended to 5 more km on high revs.
Mahindra Mojo
The bike has a front inverted fork telescopic hydraulic-damped suspension while the rear is 120 mm stroke horizontal mounted mono shox. The fine quality of the suspensions make this sports bike a comfortable one to ride on. As the new Mojo is very fast, so to keep the sporty in control there is a front 320 mm Petal disc brake and a rear 220 mm Petal disc brake attached which lead your ride to no emergency. Mahindra Mojo Features a wonderful range of traits like it has a very funky double barrel headlamp with LED tail lamp, dual exhaust pipe and broad tyres to grip the roads firmly. The matte finish alloy wheels are unique and outstanding and by look and performance as expected. Mahindra Mojo Pictures a great look as it has a very sporty model. It is available in three attractive colours black, silver and red. The only drawback of the bike is that there is a single vibrant is available in the market and some buyers may not like that. Mahindra Mojo Price is Rs. 2,00,000* expected. (Ex-showroom Delhi). The price is quite affordable for the sports bike enthusiasts. The bike has got all over popularity even before its launch. It can be proved the most stunning and desirable sports-bikes built in India. 
The Indian auto giant Mahindra launched Mahindra Centuro with 110cc engine in India .

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