Monday, January 7, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 specifications on a leak again

BlackBerry Mobiles is set to release the new BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry Z10 price would be around 22500. The usual blackberry price that comes with high end blackberry phones. Blackberry Z 10 would be released after 10 months. The Bbin service by Blackberry Mobiles gives messaging to other Blackberry Mobiles. The Open Multimedia Applications Platform TI OMAP chipset type 4470 dual-core processor. That means it would compete with other smart phones that comes under google’s android platform. BlackBerry Z10 Features have a 1.5 gega hertz processor. Which means High definition games such as need for speed would also run along fine. Another Blackberry Z10 features is 4.2 inch display screen. This comes with 1280×768 pixel range that gives lot of picture quality.
BlackBerry Z10
An internal 2 Giga bytes internal memory that is expandable to 16 Giga bytes and 32 Giga bytes. The rear camera is 8 mega pixel, this gives lot of clear zoom options. Many detailed photography could be done through this. Another 2 megapixel front camera that would give clear front facing photographs for the user. As the information is available Blackberry Z10 would come with 1800 mAh battery which would last for a few days. As said by Blackberry Mobiles this device would have Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset of LTE long term evolution chip type. The NFC would be available with Blackberry Z10. Another Blackberry Z10 features would be as stated by many webites would be micro-HDMI connectivity. That comes with dual band wi-fi, micro-USB and Bluetooth 4.0. RIM might release Blackberry 10 that is Blackberry Z10 at the global launch even on January 30.
BlackBerry Z10
In BlackBerry Z10 Pictures there is a front screen, 2 button on to its right. At the back side of Blackberry Z10 Blackberry Mobiles has put the camera to the left corner as shown on some websites. As seen on youtube this device might come in black and white colors. As stated by BGR Blackberry Z10 mobile could be could be connected to television. So would gaming experience be enhanced. The blackberry z10 could be used as a remote control to play these games. The BGR video also reveals that this mobile would have a smooth touch screen and scrolling mode. The Blackberry mobiles qwerty key pad would be fully inbuilt inside and could be used by touch screen. This would be qwerty key only and switching to number keypad should be available. The Blackberry Z10 pictures also show that this mobile would have square like shape.
Nokia Lumia 505 expected to be launched in January on Mexico's telcel network. 

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