Saturday, January 19, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S Successor of Apple iPhone Coming in Mid 2013

We have heard a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the new Apple mobiles. Yes, the Apple iPhone 5S which will be the successor of its lately launched Apple iPhone 5 will come soon. Though nothing has been confirmed about its launch but it is expected to appear around the month of June/July instead of a late October appearance. If the rumors are to be believed than Apple(AAPL) will come up with a new display technology with its new iPhone and is known as touch-on display which will be developed by Taiwanese Apple supplier Chimei Inolux. This new display will come up as a replacement to the in cell technology which is present in the Apple iPhone 5 and was introduced with this device only but the main reason behind changing the technology is said to be the production delays and eventually shortages which happened with iPhone 5 and it has also reported problems with recognition of rapid diagonal swiping.
Apple iPhone 5S

The Touch On display technology is likely to keep the display as thin as possible but will be more durable and will provide better touch experience than the in-cell displays. For those who are not aware of the speculations we heard lately, lets take a quick recap. The biggest of the all as inferred from Apple iPhone 5S pictures which have been circulating online from quite a long time is that it is expected to come in eight different color options like the company's new iPod touch line and it will be the first time any iPhone will be available like that.
Apple iPhone 5S
The other Apple iPhone 5S features include a Super HD rear camera, which will be even better than the present best camera of iPhone 5 and alongwith that an increased storage capacity of 128GB and inclusion of Near Field Communication(NFC) support. And of least what we expect is it to run on iOS 7, presumably the successor to iOS 6 which is the current mobile operating system for Apple's devices. The company is also planning to offer the device with multiple screen sizes which will allow it to reach to a larger lot of people. Though the Apple iPhone 5S prices have not been revealed yet, but this handset also can be expected to come with a price tag of Rs. 44,000 for the 16GB variant as the company has done the same with its previous handsets. But it would be better to lets just wait for an official announcement and see how well the company stands on our hopes and expectations.
Apple iPad Mini in many variants are finally launched in India with a price tag of Rs. 41,990.

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