Friday, December 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III before HTC One X plus

It certainly will not be an erroneous claim to make that the practically endless features of HTC One X plus mobile makes it a choice among all tech admirers. The rounded edges and curved design patterns boost the functionality of the above mentioned model of mobile handset too. The CPU of HTC One X + is 1.7 GHZ Quad Core Tegra 3 AP37,and the RAM is 1 GB. This specific model of mobile set has ROM of 64 GB and rear camera of 8MP, flash. The operating system that you can associate with HTC One X+ is Android 4.1.1. The battery strength is 2100mAh.The weight and depth of the phone is 135g and 8.9 mm respectively. This specific model of the phone is surely one of the best HTC mobiles currently available in the contemporary marketplace. You will surely be more than thrilled to come in terms with the vital piece of information that there are sensors associated with the HTC One X Plus mobile phone too. The different types of sensors that you can most likely associate include Gyro sensor, digital compass, ambient light sensor and G-Sensor too. HTC One X plus price is marked at Rs 40190. Most individuals find it hard to believe that how it is possible to enjoy such high tech features within such a reasonable cost.
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S III has also made a substantial impact in the marketplace. However, there is a notable difference between the two models of phones. You must come in terms with the fact that Galaxy S III appears thinner in the palm as compared to the One X+. One X+ is aptly suited to impart a firmer grip with the soft touch facility. Few of the additional features that you can always expect to find with Galaxy S III include pop up play, 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 8 Mega pixels camera resolution and 12.19 cm HD Super AMOLED too.
Htc One X Plus
This particular model of the phone also helps you to establish a connection in a straightforward and effortless manner. The seamless performance and the processing power that you can most likely find with Galaxy S III are sure to mesmerize you. Samsung Galaxy S III price is marked at Rs 29999. The price is certainly reasonable compared to the high tech features that you can most likely associate with the same. The popularity of these mobile sets will gain more of it in coming years. Nokia Lumia 820 a new mobile in Lumia series.

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