Friday, December 7, 2012

HTC One SV, a brilliant phone

Since its inception in the year 1997, HTC has always been delivering innovative products to its consumers. In the category of smartphones, it is very important that a company should incorporate the latest technological advance in order to outperform others. HTC is doing exactly the same thing with its latest product named HTC One SV. The smartphone is yet to release in the market and it is speculated that the new mobile will soon capture the hearts of mobile users because of its sheer brilliance in performance. The best part of this soon to be released product is that it ensures a very high speed.
The dual core processor enables the user to experience a terrific speed like never before as the speed here is a 4G one. The speed of 4G is expected to be made available by the company in only a few selected countries. The battery life is also very long and needs no recharging all through a single day. The amazing camera and exclusive audio have always been the specialty of HTC mobiles and the latest product is exactly like that.  HTC one SV features a studio quality sound effect due to its superb audio system. It also boasts of an in-built rear camera of 5 mega pixels and a front facing camera. The HTC One SV pictures reveal that it has a camera with back side illumination so that you can also take excellent pictures of yourself in one go. The best part is that that you can take many shots with a single touch and then can choose the right one as per your need. Due to this feature, not a single shot ever gets missed from your side. You can also take pictures brilliantly even in very dim light. The HTC One SV price is yet to be declared and HTC One SV is expected with its 1.2 GHz dual core processors, it is possible to send and receive emails at a lightning speed like never before.
Be it entertainment or work, the coming smartphone is the best one with good music and videos. The vocals are crisper and the video presentation is also just near to real life to give you an enhanced mobile experience. The screen with a 4.3 inch is ideal to view the pictures as well as web browsing to endless hours. What more is that with the device, you are getting a free drop box with 25 GB storage so that you can access your content from anywhere round the globe. There is also a Micro SD slot that enables you to expand the memory. With the smartphone what you will experience is amazing entertainment that encompasses listening of your favorite music to watching movies of your choice even while traveling and also in comfort of your home. As told above the sound quality is very good and this makes the phone a lovable one among the music lovers. With this mobile, you can also customize the beats audio according to your personal choice. I shared that The upcoming nokia mobile Nokia 109 will haven No camera.
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