Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Honda Amaze diesel to come with an Aggressive Price Tag

If you looking to purchase an affordable sedan car with good engine specifications, performance and mileage efficiency, then you must wait for the official launch of the much anticipated Honda Amaze compact sedan. This might just be the compact sedan car for which you are looking for. The Japanese car manufacturing Honda is planning to launch this vehicle with aggressive price tag, for which they have worked it pretty well to design this vehicle with a less than 4 meter length. This aspect will be helping the car to qualify for the tax benefits that automatically reduces the ex-showroom price of this vehicle. At present there are lots of interesting things you can find about this upcoming compact sedan. There is no doubt that the car will change the face of four wheeler industry and will make way for future models compact models. At present, there are only few compact sedan cars present in the Indian market and the arrival of Honda Amaze diesel will increase the total. It is an undeniable fact that the Honda cars are facing tough times in India due to lack of multiple fuel options and due to heavy price. Now the upcoming car might help the company to overcome all the problems in the country.
Honda Amze
To discuss about the Honda Brio Amaze features and specifications, the car will be equipped with all basic and standards such as power steering, power windows, air conditioner, and more. It is also expected to get anti-lock braking system along with central locking and many more safety features. Amaze is powered by 1.5 liter diesel engine with a displacement of 1498cc. It is powered by a diesel engine and hence buyers will be able to pay just smaller amount of running the vehicle. The seating capacity of this vehicle is impressive as it can give comfortable seating for 5 members in 2+3 seating arrangement. However, the boot space will be small because of the sub 4 meter length but the inner space will be spacious for the comforts and conveniences of the passengers. Honda Brio amaze price is expected to be somewhere in between Rs. 7.5 lakh, which is very competitive for a car with 1.5 liter engine. When it comes to the appearance, the car has good front view that is quite identical to the Honda Brio hatchback as seen in the Honda Brio Amaze pictures. The rear view is also decent and very simple that can suit to your lifestyle. The overall appearance of this car seems quite stunning. It might take some time for the company to reveal entire details about this vehicle regarding its features, specifications and availability date. I shared that Volkswagen Up CNG a new version of Up Hatchback.


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