Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fiat Grande Punto Sport: Feel Ecstatic

Fiat Grande Punto 90HP Sport car is the blend of powerful brakes and ecstatic speed, providing ride of the lifetime with peak speed being 170km/hr at fifth gear. Even on rugged terrains and bouncy roads, it rarely loses its stability with smooth four wheeler movement and hassle free engine. Fiat Grande Punto is an Italian automobile based company made car with added body graphics, door handles and unique red stitching on the seats. Fiat Grande Punto covers maximum distance at minimal time and provides luxurious trips and comfortable journey.
Fiat Grande Punto
It’s powerful brake control and handling features is the best part about it in comparison to other cars which provides 1/3rd less powerful handling and brake controlling. Fiat Grande Punto features are extremely superior in comparison to previous Fiat models and its interior is rock solid. Its speed goes up to 110km/hr as soon as it reaches 3rd gear and 170km/hr as it reaches 5th gear. Its equipment seems extremely impressive and has a 5-speed gearbox. The turning radius of Fiat Grande Sport has been kept at 5mtr which is lesser in comparison to its previous model which provides 5.4mtr. Fiat Grande Punto pictures gives an overall view of a dashing and sporty car which is actually true.
Fiat Grande Punto
Brakes and Handling are par excellence and simply thrilling which makes Punto spectacular and composed vehicle. It has got great speed stability which is undoubtedly one of its most amassing features and Fiat Grande Punto price is equally reprimanding making it the best car around at its given price. i10, i20 and Swift provide 12 km/l returns in the city and 15km/l returns on highways. While Fiat Grande Punto provides 15km/l returns in the city and 17km/l returns on highways making it a far better car in comparison to its counterparts in respect to diesel. Fiat Cars have always believed in providing more than the value of the car and this time also they have been successful in delivering their promise. Well it has to be stated that when it comes to the highway, the classic combination of excellent gear control and brake provides best and incomparable speed which will surely bring smile on the traveler’s face. 2012 Fiat Punto is by far the car of the year with spectacular features and stylish sporty looks. Addition of graphics, chrome setups and red stitches on gearbox has made it even more favorite and a must have car. Fiat Punto provides much more than its value and fulfills all the desires to own a perfect car. I shared that Nissan Evalia get minor updates.

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