Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nokia Lumia 510 and Samsung Galaxy Ace Have Good Features

Nokia mobiles are well known for connecting people. These are used in a wide range. It has high quality of applications and features. Multimedia catalogue is tremendous. Its handset is stylish. According to will customer can buy anyone handset. It has a huge collection of handsets. Nokia Lumia 510 available in five different colors which are red, yellow, cyan, black and white. This handset is wallet friendly. It has live tool by which we can see the world at a glance. It is a window phone consists of smooth touch. The phone has 4GB internal memory with 7GB free sky drive storage of back up files. Nokia Lumia 510 price in India is RS.9999. It runs window 7.5 Tango. It is a budget window phone which has talk time capacity of 6h15min (2G) and 8h25min (3G). It has 4"TFT capacitive touch screen with surplus different features. Samsung mobiles are those which provide us fast and upgraded technology with developed features. We can say Samsung is an overall brand which takes special position in one' mind. It perceives in our heart. In India there are 60 brands and 9 online stores of Samsung. All includes best buying price. Smartphone of Samsung are very much complemented and used by all. In a less time they make huge position.
Nokia Lumia 510
Samsung galaxy ace price is a mid range smart phone by the company. It is an android phone with best price and features. It includes lot of application which has 320 by 480 pixels, 3.5". Memory inbuilt is 518MB and has 5.0MP having 2592 by 1944 pixels resolution. The touch screen quality is also good which helps us to easily browse through the entire phone. It has a convenient microSD card slot on the side by which we can increase its memory up to 32GB. In India Samsung Galaxy price starts from Rs.11, 650. It has 800 GHz processor which increases its function speed. This handset has more and more features like any other smart phone provide good experience to user. It makes us to download different android applications. It offers us a talk time of 11h in 2G and over 6h in 3G.
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Nokia Lumia 510 and Samsung Galaxy Ace are entry level smart phones head to head. Due to increased global demand Samsung, Nokia etc., companies launched day by day new handsets and smart phones with amazing and tremendous features. They are not only in a specific part but in all the parts of the world earn popularity and frequently used by a number of people. They are producing terrific phones with exciting features and high pitch sound which also make us curious to learn about them. I shared that HTC’s new 8X geared up with qualcomm snapdragon S4 chipset.

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