Thursday, November 29, 2012

Experience Android Usability With Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

Samsung Mobiles is expecting to reinforce its smartphone market for its low to average budget consumers. This article will review this latest model which is all set to target the youth. The plus point of the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is definitely its 800 MHz processor though it cannot be regarded as the best chipset available.  It comes in vibrant yellow rendering a frisky and youthful look. The basic functionality such as calling, messaging, and browsing are excellent though this smartphone is not ideal for advanced gaming.
Samung Galaxy Mini 2
Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Price is 10,000 INR and the model is hard-wearing, durable which attract customers looking for long lasting phones. The phone has a memory of 4 GB which can be expanded up to 32 GB using a microSD card. The main USP is its adjustability with NFC. Users can also experience the benefits of making payments and sharing of data.  It is equipped with Android 2.3 OS which is not a match when people are crazy about Jelly Bean. This can be quite an annoyance for users who are looking for more advanced functionality. Though basic apps can be easily run but the device scores low when it comes to high quality gaming.
Samung Galaxy Mini 2
The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Features cannot be considered that powerful when it comes to its camera. It’s a pocket-friendly handset and thereforecapable of shooting decent photos in sunlight. However, if the light is muted or a picture clicked on a cloudy day, the results are not at all impressive. The phone has dearth in terms of its camera functionality. Taking snaps during dusk or at night will be a futile effort. When the light is subdued, the images will look blurred or hazy. As far as video shooting is concerned, the gadget scores less than average when compared to high-end cameras. With the help of VGA resolution, a video can be shot using this smartphone.
Take a look at Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Pictures to find out how the phone scores in terms of aesthetics. The display is designed to attract the attention of the younger generation. The frame is designed using plastic. The metallic trim on the sides also have a strip of plastic. This strip is covered with a coating of faux-metal. The edges are curved to give the device a stylish look. It has a 1300mAh battery giving the device much power. If used moderately, the gadget will run for a day if charged. The negative feature of the phone is its small screen. I recently updated that Samsung Guru Music is a cheap and featured mobile from Samsung.

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