Thursday, November 29, 2012

BMW K1300S A New K Series Bike

The date of global bike show organized at EICMA is over. The bike lovers have crossed their fingers to get something new to feel in the bike machines offered by the BMW. On the 30th anniversary of the K1300S motorcycle, the BMW Motorrad will disclose the new version of K series bikes which is an extraordinary edition of the K series, and it will be equipped with superior headlights and flourishing color. This is a bike for a chapwho loves to ride on Sunday from New York to North Carolina with speed on the way while covering a large portion of the road, and its name is- the BMW K1300S.
BMW K1300S
The BMW K1300S price will seem quite fair once you experience the wonderful riding on this super bike. The incredible bike paint is a blend of alpine white, red, Sapphire Black equipped with Akrapovic exhaust. BMW has the highest ranking in the motorcycle market in America, and the company makes modifications in the products by the direct impact of the customer’s feedback. Similarly, we are expecting the modifications in the model K1300S. But it is not disclosed yet that whether the super bike will be introduced with any functional improvements though there is some exciting news on the new BMW bikes. This K1300S will be equipped with ABS brakes and electronic suspension tuning. The bike has an automatic firmness command called ASC. More specialties in this super bike are such as tinted windshield and for the comfort of riders and traveler HP footrests are provided. Warm grips, HP shift supporter, in front workstation and the bike is entitled with more other equipments manufactured by following the standards of the BMW.
BMW K1300S
The BMW K1300S features powerful 1293cc engine with four stroke in line and four cylinders and four valves on each cylinder make this bike much better. Two camshafts on the head with 13:1 compression credits and the pumping power is quite large up to 173 bhp at large frequency of 9250 rotations per minute and exclusive torque of 140NM provided at 8250 rpm. This k1300S bike attains the highest speed approximate 170kmph so be ready to fly in the air. The super engine is linked to six speed steady mesh gearbox that transfers the power to the back wheels through the shaft. One strut, non flexible front suspension and adaptable preload collectively offer the smoothest riding. Watch out the incredible BMW K1300S pictures on google and choose this bike as your super mate. Honda has recently unveiled the new Honda CB150R at the Jakarta motorcycle show.

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