Friday, November 30, 2012

Bajaj Pulsar 375 Will be Powered with Good Engine

It is great news that Bajaj Pulsar 375 is on the way to get launched. It is a matter of fact worth mentioning that every bike admirer is eagerly awaiting the release of the this model of bike. The high end technical specifications certainly make the Pulsar 375 bike a well-accepted choice. Every concerned bike admirer will surely get thrilled by the fact that this particular model of bike features a single cylinder motor as well as an engine capacity of 375 cc. The design pattern of Pulsar 200 NS and Pulsar 375 will certainly be similar.
Bajaj Pulsar 375
The other features that you can associate with Bajaj Pulsar 375 model are triple-spark plug layout and monoshock suspension layout too. The inbuilt fuel injection technique will surely go a long way forward in enhancing the degree of performance of the concerned bike. The 375cc engine can surely provide a maximum power of 30-35 bhp and it can surely provide a maximum speed of 160 Kmph. Bajaj Pulsar 375 features include maximum power facility of 36 Bhp, maximum torque of 31 Nm and liquid cooling facility. The gear type is 6 Speed and there is one single powerful cylinder for ensuring smooth operation.
Bajaj Pulsar 375
Bajaj bikes, including the abovementioned model, also boast of additional specifications too. Some of the specifications include Tubeless facility, digital fuel Guage, Analogue Tacho Meter, digital speedometer facility and disc brakes too. You can also expect dual horn facility, telescopic Forks Suspension facility and Nitrox Shock facility (Rear) too. The different colors that you can find with the abovementioned model of Pulsar 375 bike include Red, Yellow and Black. You can always gain a complete idea about the additional bike specifications by taking a look at the Bajaj Pulsar 375 pictures.
Most people believe that the abovementioned model of Pulsar bike will surely share design specifications similar to that of 200NS. The triple plug layout featuring in the 200NSalso features in the Pulsar 375 motor too. The power figure that features along with the abovementioned model of bike is within a region of 30-33Bhp. It is estimated that the Pulsar bike boasts of a genuine top whack of 160 Kmph. Bajaj Pulsar 375 price is estimated to be around 1.5 lakhs. There is hardly any doubt about the patent fact that the abovementioned model of Bajaj bike will surely be a huge hit in the market and will appeal to everyone concerned.

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