Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 has Nano SIM Tray

Apple mobiles lovers in India are worried that they might not be able to use the latest and greatest from the American company as the Indian market is typically slow to catch up with changes in SIM card technology. Mobile manufacturers have been working for some time to reduce the size of the SIM card to make room for more powerful features or slimmer designs. Apple led the way by introducing micro-SIM or Third Form Factor (TFF) technology in the Apple iPhone 5. For this device, users could use a SIM cutter to shape their existing SIM cards to fit into the reduced SIM storage space. Moreover, the SIM cards remained backward-compatible. The nano-SIM which is officially called Fourth Form Factor or 4FFF has been one of the next eagerly-awaited jumps in mobile technology.
Apple iPhone 5
With the new nano-SIM, things will be quite different. Not only is Apple’s nano-SIM design 40% smaller than the existing standard SIM size, it is also 15% thinner. Evidently, a SIM cutter would be of no use in this situation. The speculation is doing the rounds that European telecom carriers have already started placing bulk orders for nano-SIM cards. This seems to suggest that the carrier companies have accepted that this is not a design change exclusive to Apple. It’s the beginning of a major change in the mobile design space with Apple leading the way. Indeed earlier this year, mobile rivals Apple, Nokia, RIM and Google Mobility were locked in a bitter war to push through their own versions of the nano-SIM technology.
Apple iPhone 5
The governing body, Smart Card Platform Technical Committee of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI), was forced to postpone its final decision for several months before selecting Apple’s design as the new standard. Back in India, while fans are eagerly looking forward to the new Apple iPhone 5 features, they have been concerned about the lag they might have to face to get to their next shiny gadget. Micro-SIM cards took two years to reach the Indian market, as compared to other countries. And given the fact that the Apple iPhone 5 price in India is Rs. 45,500 for the 16 GB version, Apple fans in India should be wary of ending up with a costly but essentially un-usable device. Apple iPhone 5 pictures reveal that the handset has good touchxcreen display to operate the mobile.

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