Saturday, November 3, 2012

A close comparison between LG Optimus G and Nokia Lumia 920

The smartphone market in the world is heating up with high end smartphones from the companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC and Nokia. Now LG is also getting in to the line of smartphone war with its LG Optimus G. LG mobiles planning to launch this device in the month of November or by the end of this year in the global smartphone market. It is a high end device from the company, which is said to have tremendous features and specifications like no other device in the market. Nokia also came up with a smartphone from its Lumia Series that is said to have powerful features that is enough to place it among the top most mobile devices. Nokia recently announced Nokia Lumia 920, which is set to arrive in the markets by the end of October. When both these phones are compared, we will be able observe that Nokia will be having upper hand in few aspects whereas LG will be leading in some other aspects. Both these devices are unique in its class and perform incredibly well.
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia mobiles planning to launch its Lumia 920 device in the last week of October but there is no information regarding Nokia Lumia 920 price. Both these devices will come with a screen under 5 inch but with stunning screen resolution and color variations. LG device is coming with True HD IPS screen and Nokia device is coming with IPS TFT touchscreen. However, both are coming with 720p screen resolution and 16M color variations. Thus, it will be a visual treat to your eyes to watch videos, images or any other pictures. When it comes to the hardware specifications, LG Optimus G is having the upper hand over Nokia device as it is coming with 1.5 GHz Quad Core processor of Qualcomm, which is simply incredible. Nokia Lumia 920 has a wireless charging key features.
LG Optimus G
The graphic processing unit is also advanced compared to the GPU of Nokia Lumia 920. At this point of time there is no information regarding the upcoming LG Optimus G price but it is expected to be same as the Nokia device. LG has done a great job by bringing a smartphone with simply incredible hardware specifications and features. Moreover, it has 13MP of camera that can record full HD videos and captures stunning images. However, there is no memory card slot integrated to this device but you can cheer about 32GB of internal memory with 2GB of RAM. All these reasons makes LG Optimus G as the best phone in the markets till date. It might take few more weeks for the arrival of the phone in the smartphone markets. LG is all set to launch LG Optimus G in the month of November.

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