Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2013 Skoda Rapid A Sedan to Compete with Others

Skoda’s constant inventions has always inspired their Indian commuters and also delivered the cars which they expected. These C segment sedan cars have similarities in the look as same as its sibling Volkswagen’s Vento.  Also, both these Skoda cars and its sibling shares similarities as per their car engine matters. The Czech car giant, with their new segment, Skoda cars, has simply raised the expectation bar of all Indian commuters. High class technologies are used to the maximum by Skoda engineers and thus are able to pull out, such an outstanding Sedan car from their hat. The addition of these technologies was a necessity, simply to make these popular Skoda cars stay competent with other Indian car giants launching their own sedan cars in the same category.
Skoda Rapid
The first real glimpses of these high-class technologies are seen in its engine design which made these Skoda cars, look tougher from inside the bonnet. These popular Skoda cars are launched in both petrol and diesel variant. 2013 Skoda rapid, petrol model comes with 1598 cc power engine which churns about 1.6 litres which provides a topmost power of 105PS output @ 153 NM torque. Other 2013 Skoda rapid features come with different gearbox dimensions for both this variants. Where 2013 Skoda rapid petrol model has 6 manual gearboxes (automatic) along with 5 manual gearboxes (standard) while the diesel Skoda coups have only 5 manual gearboxes (standard). These 2013 Skoda rapid petrol model coups will run over Indian roads at a maximum speed between 12 to 14 kmpl (for automated versions only). For the diesel variant Sedan cars, 1598 cc power along with 1.6 litre TDi engine which provides a topmost power of 105PS output @ 250 NM torque are used. Thus on diesel variant, Indian commuters will enjoy driving with a maximum speed ranging between13.5 to 16 kmpl.
Skoda Rapid
2013 Skoda Rapid features reveal that the interior part of this upcoming Skoda car is stunning as its exterior. Let’s first talk about these Sedan cars exteriors. The stunning 2013 Skoda rapid have a rough and tough as well as a lavish exterior body attached with beautiful lengthy headlamps at both ends of its rear. These Skoda coups also have black color Skoda slats, naval coup bonnet, larger fog lights and lower placed bumpers attached outside these Sedan cars.
Skoda Rapid
The 2013 Skoda Rapid features reveal that the interiors of these Skoda cars are also breath-taking one. These Sedan cars have glove box, air condition (automatic weather configuration mode), instrumental cluster and a music system (MP3+ FM), a digital meters for both trip and fuel, an instrument panel which generates out greenish black rays, DTE (Distance to empty), center console (angular towards the Sedan coup driver) and many more to discover. 2013 Skoda Rapid price in India is Rs. 6,90,000 INR (ex-showroom price. 123sabc. Other Upcoming Skoda car is Skoda Superb which is also planned to be launched in the year 2013. I shared that Tata Safari arrived.

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